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    Gateshead Health Centre provides key services for the local area of Bensham as well as the wider catchment area. It is an important facility at the heart of the local community. The centre provides an array of services including Podiatry and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening.

    Clinical Examination and Treatment rooms as well as non-clinical Meeting, Counselling and Group rooms are available for hire on NHS Open Space.

    Clinical rooms can be booked as sessions on the following basis:
    Morning:    08:30 – 12:30
    Afternoon: 13:00 – 17:00
    Evening:    17:00 – 19:30.

    Non-clinical rooms such as meeting rooms can be booked on an hourly basis from 08:30 – 17:00.

    This site is closed on weekends and during Bank Holidays.

  • Address:

    Prince Consort Road, Gateshead, NE8 1NB

  • Address:
    Prince Consort Road, Gateshead, NE8 1NB

    0191 497 1641